DISH Network Video on Demand – Entertainment at Your Finger Tip

DISH Network can truly be considered as one of the prominent satellite television service providers of USA. It has constantly treated the customers with some of the brand new technologies and features. DISH Network Video on Demand is one such noteworthy instance, which can be referred in this context. With this advanced facility of DISH Network TV, now the viewers can enjoy all of their favorite television shows and movies at any point of time.

DISH Network VOD further provides you the opportunity to watch videos at a high-definition resolution of nearly 1080p. Now, you no longer need to spend that extra amount of dollars while purchasing the Blu-ray discs as the same clarity is now obtainable from the enhanced privilege of DISH Video on Demand. In addition, the customers even possess the liberty to select from a wide range of television shows and movies according to their preferences.

Process for Renting Video on Demand:

Similar to all other DISH Network offers, here also the customers need to follow certain procedures in order to enjoy this amenity. Let us discuss in brief on few of them.

• You must connect your receiver to the home broadband or phone line
• Now, tune into either Channel 1 or 501 and choose the movie, which you want to watch
• Go through the on-screen instructions for renting
• Or else you can even press the DVR button of your remote and select Option 2 i.e. DISH Cinema
• You can either select a film from the new releases section or access the “Search” or the “Explore” options to find a movie

Terms and Conditions:

However, this advanced facility of Video on Demand is available on only some of the selected DISH Network receiver models like – 512 SD/DVR, 522, 612, 625, 722, 722k DVR and 922. Again, if you are one of those, who are fascinated with HD programming, then it is mandatory that you must possess both the high definition receiver and HDTV.

With DISH Network Video on Demand, you can even enjoy some of their preferred channels like AMC, BRAVO, HDNET, NICK, MTV, TWC, SPMAN and the list goes on.

DISH Network TV has even got something to offer for all the movie buffs. Now, you no longer need to visit the local video libraries for renting movies. With DISH Network VOD, the customers can experience the beguiling actions of all their favorite movies.

Whether it is the Oscar winning film “The King’s Speech” or the kid’s favorite “Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”, now you can enjoy all of these from the utter comfort of your home.

Benefits of DISH Satellite TV

When people are watching television, they want to have as many channels as possible. They want to watch whatever they want whenever they want, and having dish capabilities allows people to make the most of their viewing experience. Whether people are with their family for the weekend or are having friends over, satellite television can make the night more enjoyable.

While cable television is great, satellite television, full of many added features, gives people more for their buck. Even more, people can watch more sports channels on satellite television, making any home a sports haven on Sundays. People can watch any type of sport with these packages, such as soccer or baseball. One of the worst things to experience from a fan’s perspective is to miss out on games during a team’s playoff run. These games are crucial to watch because there is so much meaning behind them, and people have access to every single one of these games when they go with satellite television.

Another added benefit that comes with satellite television is that people have free installation when they use dish services. Some people may be consumed with work or school, and they may not have the time to set up their television equipment themselves. Professionals can come out to a person’s home and setup these devices, and these professionals have years of experience to get the job done correctly.

People get many extra features when they decide to go with satellite television. Parents can safeguard their children’s viewing when they are watching television. Children sometimes flip to channels that are not appropriate for their age, and having parenting controls prevents this from even happening. They will not be exposed to violent images at such a young age, allowing the parents to rest easy.

Another benefit of satellite TV is that people can set reminders for their favorite shows. People will be able to see when their favorite programs are about to start so they don’t miss a thing. A message will appear on the television, reminding them that their program is about to start.

In addition to these features, people have 24 hour customer support in case their devices malfunction during their programing.
People are always looking for added value when it comes to television programing, and satellite TV provides this and gives people an impeccable cinema experience when they are at home. They will have the capabilities to watch all of their favorite shows and movies at an affordable price year round.

Which DISH TV Channels Are Right for You?

One of the more convenient aspects of satellite television is its focus on consumer-oriented premium television solutions. When a consumer chooses a service such as DISH TV, he then must sit down and decide which channels to include with his service. In the early days of satellite television, a consumer had to commit to two or more dishes on his property if he wanted premium channels. These days, the technology allows all channels to be provided by one dish and that helps to enhance the choices for each person.

A primary market that is covered by satellite providers that cannot be reached by cable companies is people in rural areas. There are some beautiful homes in the farm country of America that has been unable to enjoy premium television programming for decades. Satellite service took care of that, but it was not the only thing that satellites took care of.

Most people who live in rural areas do not have immediate access to movie theaters. That makes seeing the best new releases extremely difficult. Satellite television providers saw a need in this market and created a huge variety of “on demand” and pay per view movie channels. Some of the most popular DISH TV channels are the ones that allow consumers to see first run movies either as they are being released into theaters, or before they are shown on the cable movie networks.

Some DISH TV channels are networks that can only be seen by subscribers to the satellite service. The entire premium television programming industry has recognized the potential profitability of having networks that are proprietary to each company. When a show catches on for a proprietary network, that results in more subscribers to that service. There are several DISH TV channels that cannot be seen on any other service, and they offer original programming as well.

One of the most significant choices a consumer will have to make when he decides to take on the DISH TV system is what channels he will want for his service. They come in a variety of packages and some of them are networks that cannot be seen anywhere else. A consumer should take his time and look over the comprehensive list of channels that his satellite provider offers to make sure he is getting everything he wants. It only takes one dish to deliver more channels than cable could ever hope to provide. That is one of the many advantages of satellite television.

Dubbing vs. Subtitling: The Pros and Cons

We’ve all seen (and affectionately mocked) those badly dubbed martial arts films. You know the ones; incredible stunts, brilliantly elaborate plot lines and sharp dialogue… all dubbed over by American voice actors. Yet, for some people, the charm of these films lies in the out of sync dubbing and cringe-worthy voiceovers. It’s all part of the experience of watching a foreign film.

People Power

Subtitles or dubbing? It’s one of the most divisive arguments in film history. In 2010, the British Film Council sought to settle the score once and for all with a study to determine audience preferences. The BFC polled audience members of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the original, Swedish version) and the results were rather enlightening. As well as learning more about audience’s preferences in general, the study also revealed how format affects overall enjoyment. It seems that those who watched the subtitled film enjoyed it more with 45% of viewers rating it ‘excellent’ compared to just 26% for the dubbed version.

Superior Subtitles

The skill of the voice actor can make or break a dubbed film. When recording in an empty studio, the voice actor doesn’t have the same emotional connection to the story and characters. This can result in dry delivery which just doesn’t do justice to the original script. In addition, character traits like sense of humour, vulnerability or little quirks and tics are lost in translation when the original dialogue is dubbed over.

Then of course comes the issue of syncing dubbed dialogue with the movement of the actor’s mouth. The variable nature of language means a short phrase in French could be two long sentences in English. Poorly synced dubbing is funny and charming in its own way, but essentially distracts from the film (which we are sure was not the director’s intention!).

Subtitles allow the film to be enjoyed in all its glory. The audience can hear the actor’s voices and feel the emotion of each scene all while getting an accurate but concise translation of the dialogue. Of course, subtitles aren’t without fault. They can be difficult to follow, confusing or simply too concise, and yet in many ways they remain superior to dubbing.

The End

When translating a film for an entirely new audience the most important decision is format. Do you dub or sub? During the course of this article we’ve fought the case for subtitles but this doesn’t necessarily make them the best option for you.

There are many variables to consider, such as audience, genre and visuals. For example, if the film is for young children, subtitles may be unpractical due to reading ability and attention span. On the other hand, slow-paced productions, like Nordic TV show The Killing, benefit from the languorous nature of subtitles.

Translating is a complex art and doing justice to the original work can feel like Mission Impossible. The most important thing is to think about your audience and choose the format that works for you both. Whether you dub or sub, make sure your production is An Affair to Remember.